RFID USB Handheld Reader-the Requisite Scanner to Modern Inventory Management

For the sake of the introduction of new generation RFID usb handheld readers in RFID applications, the inventory management, logistic management and access control have great development. Inserted a RFID usb handheld reader into a desktop or notebook PC, the data can be displayed and processed simultaneously. DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released the RFID usb handheld readers to efficiently work for RFID management, especially for the modern inventory management.

RFID USB Handheld Readers Exert Great Impact on the Inventory Management Area

Nowadays, RFID USB handheld readers have been broadly wielded to manage the inventory in the supply chains applications. Employing the cutting edge RFID technology, RFID USB handheld reader has been very easy-to-use and convenient RFID product wherever put into use. And as the essential part of any complete RFID deployment, RFID USB handheld reader makes it breezy for workers to keep track of and scan every product because the readers don’t have to actually “see” the tags to identify them.

New USB RFID Readers Enhance Information Exchange Greatly Via the Easy Connection to Computer

As we all know, USB RFID Readers have created many benefits for RFID commercial applications by a small and unique USB interface. Inserted the USB RFID Reader writer into a desktop or notebook PC, RFID event organizers or enterprise users can deal with information quickly and optimize the event processes. Working as the fixed and easy-to-use USB RFID device, USB RFID Readers have been provided widely by RFID manufacturers, such as DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products producer in China.

DAILY's Mini USB RFID Reader: an easy-to-use and pocket-size device

DAILY RFID has released mini 13.56MHz USB RFID reader in USB stick form for office environment, where laptops, PCs and smartphones are widely used. It is designed as a plug-and-play, easy-to-use device while maintaining low cost.

Mini USB RFID Reader:incorporated into business process easily

DAILY RFID recently released 13.56MHz USB RFID reader with a very small footprint, designed to be plugged into point of sale systems, laptops, desktop PCs, and other devices. This USB RFID reader can be easily installed without complex engineering or technical know-how.

Mini USB RFID Reader Realizes mobile office

DAILY RFID has unveiled 13.56MHz USB RFID Reader with very small footprint ,which is specially designed to meet the need of mobile office. Designed with omni-directional antenna, this USB RFID Reader can carry out a full range of target identification and tracking.

USB RFID reader/writer fits for your everyday devices

DAILY RFID recently released 13.56MHz USB RFID reader/writer with a very small footprint. As a pocket device, this USB rfid reader/writer fits for your everyday devices, including laptops, PCs and smartphones.

Mini RFID Reader with USB interface boosts your convenience

DAILY RFID( www.rfid-in-china.com),a leading manufacturer of RFID tags and RFID readers,has unveiled 13.56MHz USB RFID Reader with very small footprint as a pocket device.It enables a low cost platform for deploying interactive read/write applications.

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