RFID Proximity Key Tag – Practical Tool to Ensure High Security and Efficiency of Hotels

In modern society, RFID proximity key tag, as a kind of mature and stable RFID products, has been extensively used into a variety of access control applications, such as hotel room, meeting attendance, government offices, hospitals and so forth. In order to cater for the increasing market demand for RFID proximity key tags, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, has of late released a series of wireless RFID key fobs that are specially designed for access management applications.

RFID Adhesive Label Tremendously Increases the Potency of Parking Management

At present, RFID adhesive label has become increasingly mature and been extensively applied into various industries along with the rapid growth of RFID technology and the advancement of economy. Recently, as a leading Chinese company whose mission is to design and manufacture RFID tech products, DAILY RFID has launched a variety of RFID adhesive labels to assist in enhancing the working efficiency of all walks of life.

Desktop USB UHF RFID Reader DL9700–Crucial Tool for Automated and Multiple Objects Identification

Lately, a bran-new desktop usb UHF RFID reader DL9700 with small size and excellent performance at objects identification and items tracking area has been unveiled by DAILY RFID, the leading company who is dedicated to developing and producing RFID tech products. Nowadays, in virtue of the obvious advantages, this desktop usb UHF RFID reader, a technical product based on the development of computer technique and communication technology, has become an important tool and means for automated information data identification and inputting.

Smart I-CODE RFID Tags can Play a Significant Role in Anti-counterfeiting Field

With the speedy development of RFID technology, I-CODE RFID tags have been more and more stable and mature, and increasingly applied into a variety of industries. In the modern society with booming economy, frauds and counterfeit has become a phenomenon that sorely needs to be resolved. In order to alleviate this phenomenon, DAILY RFID, the leading professional RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, has newly launced a series of I-CODE RFID tags to help prevent the counterfeiting, propel the advancement of all walks of life, and maintain normal economic order.

RJ45 RFID Readers Significantly Improve the Vehicle Scheduling and Parking Control Efficiency

As RFID technology develops rapidly, RJ45 RFID reader has been successfully applied into many depot stations and parking lots and significantly improved the vehicle scheduling efficiency and provided the intelligent parking control. All the time, parking lot managers have been always hoping to find an effective way to realize automatic vehicle management without stopping. Fortunately, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID product manufacturer, has newly released a series of RFID readers with RJ45 interfaces that are specially designed for parking control.

RS485 RFID Card Readers Strengthen the Efficiency of Access Management to a Large Extent

Recently, a series of low-cost RFID card readers with RS485 interface based on ISO 15693 & ISO 14443 protocols have been launched by DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading company whose mission is to develop and produce professional RFID tag, reader and other RFID products. As a contactless identification tech device with high quality and stable performance, RS485 RFID card reader adopts RF signal, space coupling and transfer characteristic to realize the automatic recognition for the static or moving objects.

Cheap Passive RFID Tags Produced by DAILY Enjoy Great Popularity among Clothing Industry

Because of small size and simple structure, especially low cost, cheap passive RFID tags have nowadays attracted widespread concern in a variety of fields, such as logistics management, production control, asset tracking, objects identification, parking control and clothing industry, etc. Hence, as a leading professional RFID tech products developer and manufacturer, DAILY RFID has newly launched a series of cheap passive RFID tags with high quality and brilliant performance, in order to boost the development of clothing industry and cater for the surging global demand.

Soft PVC RFID Wristbands Realize the Safe, Efficient and Intelligent Maternal and Child Management

Along with the rapid development of RFID technology, soft PVC RFID wristband has been gradually used for maternal and child management in hospitals. Just as people see, in maternity hospitals, traditional contol methods cannot settle the problems of infant stolen and wrong child holding, all of which require high-tech means (like soft PVC RFID wristband) to protect children preferably.

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