RFID Tag for Books Ultimately Promotes the Development of Library towards Intelligent Direction

On the basis of RFID technology, RFID tag for books makes it possible for small chip embedded in the sticker tags, and this kind of RFID stickers can be easily fixed on the books, which cooperates with modern library information system and offers a very good opportunity to creat digital and automated library. For better library management, a chain of RFID tags for books have recently released by DAILY RFID, a leading company who concentrates on developing and manufacturing RFID technology products.

RFID Proximity Cards – Attached Great Importance for Contactless Payment and Access Control

Currently, RFID proximity cards and mobile E-commerce have entered into every walk of life, along with the booming of Internet and the rapid advancement of RFID tech - the wireless communication technology. In virtue of the outstanding performance in contactless data communication, RFID proximity cards have been attached great importance by lots of enterprises.

RFID Barcode Label will Become the Mainstream of the Automatic Information Collection Means

According to experts, based on the internet, RFID technology is an automatic radio frequency identification technology and identifies the item by means of non-contact, long distance and penetration, making the item can be tracked from production, storage, transportation, dealer to consumers supply chain. As a crucial product of RFID technology, RFID barcode label is an essential means of identification to go into international internet of things.

Mifare RFID ID Card Owns Unparalleled Preponderance Compared with Contact IC Card

For better security management, DAILY RFID, a leading professional rfid card maker, has recently launched a series of RFID ID cards with diverse shapes, including RFID keyfob card, RFID wristband, and RFID irregular card, for various access control applications.

Compared with contact IC cards, mifare RFID ID Card has a chain of obvious preponderance as follows:

Standalone RFID Reader with Functional Diversity Has High Performance Price Ratio

As all know, RFID system is the extension and development of IC technology and is short for radio frequency identification. Compared with traditional identification methods, the essential difference is that RFID system completes power supply and data switching via using radio and radar technology. As an important component of RFID system, standalone RFID reader sends the command of the host to the tags via the antenna, and reads the corresponding information so as to achieve the aim of identifying tag, and then sends the read message to the host.

RFID Employee Tracking Solution Greatly Reinforces Personnel Management in Enterprises

In recent years, RFID employee tracking has gradually come to be favored by enterprise managers along with the rapid development of RFID technology and the advancement of economy. Exactly as people see, for large factories, the big scale and multitudinous staff lead to a certain difficulty in management aspect, which is easy to produce holes and causing the management conundrum and unnecessary loss.

Micro USB RFID Reader with Tiny Size Is Plug and Play Via USB Interface

RFID technology is a kind of non-contact automatic identification technology rising in the 1990s and is the cutting-edge technical project developing rapidly in recent years. As one of the important RFID research achievements, micro USB RFID reader is mainly used in security monitoring, remote device management, goods delivery, transportation management and so on.

RFID Cable Tie Tag from DAILY – Generally Favored by Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Nowadays, RFID cable tie tag, as a contactless automated identification technology product, has been extensively applied into industrial automation, business automation, logistics info automation and many other fields because this sort of RFID tags can recognize fast moving objects and identify multiple objects simultaneously without touch and any human intervention.

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