Android Bluetooth RFID Reader with the Function of Long Range is Portable and Durable

Of late, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID products maker, has newly released bran-new android bluetooth RFID reader that is researched and developed based on 860-960MHz and transmits the data via bluetooth. At the same time, this android bluetooth RFID reader is delicate and cabinet, beautiful and easy and can on-line operate with any PDA, PC and smartphone with the function of bluetooth, offering the services of reading the information of tags and uploading data.

RFID Car Security System Heightens the Level of Vehicle Safety Management

Adopting advanced passive RFID tags and readers, RFID car security system provides the effective management for vehicles, complying with the developing trend of modern communities and fulfilling the requirements of intelligent community management. In allusion to the following issues existing in traditional VMS (vehicle management system), DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, has lately released a new-generation smart RFID car security system that takes RFID technology as core to replace the trad control means.

RFID Solution Is Precisely Developed in Allusion to the Defects of Contact System

Nowadays, RFID solution is an intelligent solution that uses RFID technology to solve the problem of recognition and tracking without contact. So what is RFID? RFID (radio frequency identification) is the built-in chip radio technology and the chip can store a series of information (such as product category, date, location and so on). As a fact, RFID solution is precisely developed in allusion to the defects of contact system.

RFID Network Reader Adds Powerful Automation Control Ability for a Variety of Industries

Over the years, the costs of RFID network reader have greatly reduced and its performance has been more and more mature, along with the development of super-large-scale integration and the rapid growth of RFID technology. In order to meet the requirements to RFID reader in different application system, DAILY RFID, as the leading professional RFID products manufacturer, has newly developed a fixed RFID network reader DL6840 containing Ethernet interface and adopting FHSS as its working mode.

RFID for Supermarkets Transforms Operation Mode from Traditional Supply Chain to Customer-oriented

At present, almost all the supermarkets use the bar code to manage the commodity, which can’t effectively solve some problems, such as difficult to choose goods for customers, long time to wait for queuing, difficult to manage goods for merchant and so on. RFID for supermarkets is a very good solution to solve these problems. In order to meet the needs of the market, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID products maker, has newly issued span-new RFID products that are specially designed for supermarkets.

RFID Solutions for Supermarkets Accelerate Payment and Raise Client Satisfaction in Supermarket

RFID for supermarkets can quickly check goods information, rewrite commodity information in real time and realize the multiple identification for goods at long distance. As people see, a series of problems often exist in traditional supermarkets, such as stockout, overstock, long queue for check-out and difficult inventory control, etc.

Mobile UHF RFID Reader Is the Best Choice for the Occasions Requiring High Mobility

RFID technology is an automatic identification technology that arises and gradually becomes mature. As a contactless radio communication device, mobile UHF RFID reader of 860MHz-960MHz has good radio transmission performance and moderate antenna size, which makes this reader suitable for long distance identification and large-scale application. In the meantime, mobile UHF RFID reader is the best choice for some occasions requiring high mobility because stationary RFID reader is large-sized and not convenient to carry.

RFID Door Readers in Library Enhance the Security Control and Humanized Service Level

In modern library, RFID door reader, also called RFID securiy door, is a system device that can scan and identify the library books attached with RFID tags for security control of collection books, in order to achieve the purposes of guarding against theft and monitoring. For better library management, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, has newly released a bran-new RFID door reader to help RFID library system to strengthen the safety control and working efficiency.

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