RFID Access Control Solutions Zealously Boost the Safety Construction of “Smart City”

With the advancement of urbanization, cities are facing potential risk, environmental pollution, traffic congestion and other issues. While the building of smart city will be the ideal model that can effectively improve the urban development problems and guarantee the sustainable development. Luckily, at this moment, RFID access control enters public eyes in the wake of the rapid growth of RFID technology.

RFID Readers with Biometrics Technology Hasten the Birth of New Security Model

Driven by the global security and anti-terrorist trend, biometric authentication technology (Biometrics) and wireless radio frequency identification technology ( RFID ) has got rapid development and wide application.

Active RFID Card is Bound to Making Greater Contribution to Industrial Development

Active RFID card is also called long range RFID card, and its working power is full supplied with internal battery. At the same time, the power supply of card battery also partly translates into radio frequency energy needed by communicating electronic card and the reader. Based on innovative RFID technology, active RFID card is a highly flexible and read-only electronic card, which can complete the automatic identification and automatic exchange of relative information in combination with the reading equipment.

Full-Featured Mobile RFID Reader Enjoys Great Popularity among Various Industries

As one of the most important components of RFID system, mobile RFID reader has been more and more widely applied in various fields with RFID technology - a new type of intelligent recognition technology becoming increasingly mature. Compared with fixed RFID reader, mobile RFID reader has many advantages, such as the small size, low power, strong mobility, convenient maintenance and low price. At present, there are many mobile RFID readers with different performance characteristics to be used in different cases on the market, so it should be cautious to choose the suitable products.

Wireless RFID Reader from DAILY RFID Plays a Pivotal Role in RFID system

In recent years, wireless RFID reader, the equipment that specifically identifies tag information, has played a pivotal role in the RFID system with RFID technology widely used in all aspects such as a producing, logistics, transportation and security tracking. Namely, wireless RFID reader is one of the main parts of RFID system, since the system must rely on the reader between the management system and the tags to identify and record information.

RFID Asset Tracking System can be Gradually Promoted and Popularized in Asset Management Field

In modern times, RFID asset tracking system can effectively integrate asset management activities with the help of the function of wireless remote transmission, since RFID technology is a bridge between physical world and existing IT system. In consequence, it’s very necessary to establish a set of RFID asset tracking system based on RFID technology to realize automatic asset management.

DAILY RFID Gives the Detailed Description about RFID Reader Definition

RFID reader, also known as “RFID reader-writer”, refers to radio frequency identification device that is used to automatically identify targets and gain related data through radio frequency signal. That is to say, RFID reader can automatically identify fast moving objects and recognize multiple RFID tags without human intervention. In general, RFID reader can be designed as fixed and handheld shape, including low frequency, high frequency, and ultra high frequency, active and so on.

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