RFID Card wih Magnetic Strip Effectively Improves Security and Greatly Saves Labor Costs

It is generally known that RFID technology has gradually come into the practical phase for the maturity of the large scale integrated circuit technology and the smaller volume of radio frequency identification system. Different from the contact identification technology in the same period or the early period, the identification between RFID card with magnetic strip and the reader can be completed without contact. As a fact, RFID technology develops so soon abroad, and RFID products also differ from one another. And, in China, RFID technology is also rapidly developing.

RFID Woven/Fabric Wristbands Assist in Managing Tourists and Consumption in Amusement Parks

Currently, RFID woven wristbands have appeared in amusement parks more and more, along with the booming of tourism and the rapid development of RFID technology. As people see, recreational activities in large-scale playgrounds, like waterparks or exploration, are likely to make the wallets wet or lost, so many commercial play areas configure RFID woven wristbands for visitors to pay for products or services consumption.

RFID Reader with Display Cleverly Implements Automatic Induction and Wireless Communication

In recent years, the application system of RFID reader with display based on RFID technology has developed very quickly and been applied in many industries and fields. But a variety of RFID readers on the market can’t meet the requirements of user on many occasions for the large volume, difficult to carry. So, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID products, has lately issued span-new RFID reader with display that has lower-power dissipation, moveable and convenient data transmission interface.

RFID Key Finder Easily Finds Lost Keys and Brings a Ray of Sunshine for the Mess of Life

In daily life, such an interesting phenomenon often occurs: people frequently get a headache for looking for some smaller items, like keys, phone or wallets, etc. And sometimes, people obviously already hold it in hand, but are still seeking everywhere. Especially when they are in a hurry, the feeling that cannot find what they want urgently is always the most maddening.

RFID Passive Tags Have Become One of the Important Directions of RFID Research

Over the years,UHF RFID technology has widely been used in various fields, such as production, retail, traffic, logistic and so on for UHF RFID technology has the trait of non-contact, faster recognition, long identification distance and large capacity of storing data. And, RFID passive tags, as the core component of UHF RFID identification system, have always been a hot spot of research at home and abroad.

Anti-metal RFID Tags – Specifically Designed for Pallet Control System in Supply Chain

In recent years, anti-metal RFID tags have played a central role in objects identification and tracking applications as supply chain continues to expand the scale and RFID develops rapidly. For the sake of meeting the increasing market demand, DAILY RFID, a leading company who is dedicated to producing RFID tech products, has newly released a sort of anti-metal RFID tags using different materials, including ABS, Exopy, PVC, 3M Glue and other special magnetic materials.

RFID Door Entry System Has a Crucial Significance on Establishing Linked Entrance Guard System

Access control system is a system that manages and controls the entrance of important area or channel. With the development of society, RFID door entry system integrating automatic identification technology and modern management techniques has been widely applied in a variety of occasions such as intelligent buildings, offices, hotels and so on. Also, RFID door entry system effectively improves the modern management’s level and remote monitoring’s capabilities of access control system for the system is easy to use, easy to maintain and combining with web technology.

Wiegand RFID Reader – Extensively Utilized for a Variety of Access Management Applications

In general, RFID readers have two output formats containing RS232 output and Wiegand output format. And Wiegand RFID reader, as its name suggests, is a radio frequency identification reader with Wiegand interface and compliant with Wiegand communication protocols that are established by Motorola. Numerous practice has shown this standard is very appropriate for access control RFID readers and cards, so Wiegand RFID reader has been widely used into access management applications since published.

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