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Adhesive RFID Smart Labels from DAILY for Streamlining Asset Management Process

Nowadays many kinds of event tracking management, like document tracking, parcel tracking and library management will be conducted well via the adhesive RFID Labels. As a rather professional manufacture specialized in RFID tags and readers for many years in China, DAILY RFID has unveiled a series of Adhesive RFID Smart Labels with different types to carry out asset tracking. For the smallest tiny tag, it is especially designed for access control applications where small size tracking is required.

Contactless RFID Labels from DAILY Make Asset Tracking a Piece of Cake

At this advanced society, many kinds of business event management have been close to RFID Labels, just like the asset tracking, a compacted process, should need the RFID Labels to simplify the management. As a rather professional RFID tags and readers manufacture, DAILY RFID has also released a series of contactless RFID Labels to meet the requirement of asset tracking applications, such as document tracking, parcel tracking and library management.

DAILY offers customizable RFID Label in rectangular & circular

DAILY RFID has developed RFID label series operating at HF and UHF frequency, in rectangular and circular shapes. The adhesive RFID labels are fully customizable in a variety of shapes and sizes, oem service as well.

rugged RFID Smart Label unveiled by DAILY

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID tags, has announced availability of rugged RFID smart label, designed to ensure the durability even under harsh environment and address the compliance of EPC Gen 2 RFID standard.

The high-quality RFID Labels reshape Supply Chain Management

The high-quality RFID labels are considered as an important element in RFID supply chain management. DAILY RFID has designed various adhesive RFID labels for supply chain management, some of which are available at around 0.32 USD per piece.

RFID File Tracking System optimizes file inventory management

DAILY RFID, has launched a RFID file tracking system for files inventory management. This RFID file tracking system realizes files real-time tracking and identification without complicated procedures.

DAILY unveils RFID Labels for Supply Chain Management

RFID labels are considered as an important component of low cost RFID system, especially for supply chain management. DAILY RFID, has developed self-adhesive RFID labels for supply chain management, which are available at around 0.32 USD per piece.

HF RFID Labels: a smart choice for RFID Library Management

Compared with UHF, HF Library System is currently the most mature and popular solution for Library due to its high identification rate and less influence by environment. And DAILY RFID has recently unveils high-performance, low-cost HF labels for library management.

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